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About GüzelEnerji

GüzelEnerji, one of the leading companies in the Turkish fuel and lubricants sector, operates under OYAK.

Established by OYAK in March 2020, GüzelEnerji operates with TotalEnergies Stations, M Oil and Türk Petrol, the trusted brands of the fuel distribution and lubricants sector. In addition, Otojet, an electric vehicle charging network distribution and operation brand operating in alternative energies, joined GüzelEnerji in 2022.




TotalEnergies Stations, which OYAK became a subsidiary of in 2020 and has been operating in Turkey under the international energy company Total S.E. since 1992, continues its activities under the roof of GüzelEnerji Akaryakıt A.Ş., an OYAK energy sector company.

M Oil

M Oil started to serve in the fuel and lubricants sector in 1996 with 100% Turkish capital and as of March 2020, GüzelEnerji Akaryakıt A.Ş. started to operate within.


Valvoline™ Global is a worldwide leader in automotive and industrial solutions, creating best-in-class products and services for partners around the world. Founded in 1866, it launched the world's first branded motor oil and has been positioned as the Original Motor Oil.

Türk Petrol

The Turkish Petroleum (Türk Petrol) brand was established in 1931 with the commercial title of Türkiye Neft Sanayii A.Ş. to serve in the fuel and chemical industry and started its commercial life. In 2020, it is operating under the roof of GüzelEnerji.


It is a fleet management system that allows you to buy fuel "fast, easy and reliable" from all TotalEnergies and M Oil stations without paying with cash or credit card, without the need for an invoice or receipt.


TotalEnergies Stations started to serve in the sector under the "Otojet" brand by obtaining an electric vehicle charging operator license from EMRA in 2022 with infrastructure investments for electric vehicles.


Bi'Güzel flavors is a special food and beverage brand that offers delicious, warm, satisfying and fresh sandwiches, pastries and desserts, delicious coffees brewed from 100% Arabica beans with fresh milk and cold beverage alternatives at station markets.


GüzelEnerji Entities

902 Stations

Number of our fuel
stations across Türkiye

5 Terminals

Number of fuel and
LPG terminals across Türkiye

3.2 Million

Our total
sales volume across all channels

550 Bin

Capacity of our fuel oil
LPG facilities across Türkiye